Ronald Reagan Essay


Ronald Reagan was born in Tam Pico in the northern Illinois on February 6, 1911.  His father was a shoes salesman and his mother was a strong woman with religious beliefs. In the family Ronald was the second son. He was an intelligent boy when he was younger he use to do many sports. In high school he liked to swim and ride horses. He was actually a very productive kid. His family had little money too. John, Reagan’s father was an alcoholic, when he was not drinking, he would work and provide for the family. Reagan lived in a cramped apartment over a general store. Well when John was drinking, he use to stay drunk for a week or two as a result of his drinking he would loose good jobs and stop paying bills but never stopped taking care of  his wife and children. Reagan then graduated form Dixon North side High School. Well in high School Reagan’s favorite sport was football. He graduated from high school in 1928.

     Reagan went to eureka College in central Illinois. He worked during the summer as Life Guard. By fall of 1928, Reagan had saved $400, enough to pay for his tuition for college. He got a girlfriend and was active in the college drama club. By the time Reagan returned to the Eureka campus in the fall if 1930, the United States was falling into the economic crisis known as the Great Depression. Millions of Americans had lost their jobs and found no work. Reagan graduated from Eureka College. He began a radio Station when he talked about sports, entertainment and music. People commented him on the way he spoke and how he projected his voice. From the radio he hit the Movies. In 1937 Reagan convinced his bosses to send him to California to cover the Chicago Clubs spring training games. During the trip Reagan saw many famous singers and actresses. So they represented Reagan to some biggest stars in Hollywood and they like Reagan’s appearance. He was confident and they put him through many test to become an actor and so he became a famous actor.

    Ronald Reagan was soon a successful and prosperous movie actor in Hollywood. Reagan was working in front of a camera within a week of his arrival. He made many films and was famous for his movies. In 1938, his second year in Hollywood Reagan met Jane Wyman and they both made a movie together. He was 26 and she was 23. Months past by and they were a cute couple. So they got married. Then Ronald was called to go to war in 1942to serve until 1945 because of the communism. During the 1930s some unions under influence of Communists, people who favored government ownership of businesses and property. In the late 1947 Reagan had been divorced with Jane.

   Reagan became a strong anti Communist in the 1940s, but he remained a loyal Democrat. In 1948 he campaigned for the re election of Democratic president Harry Truman. In 1966 Reagan was elected governor of California and serves until 1975. In 1980 chosen republican presidential candidate, Reagan was president in November. So during his presidencies, on the afternoon of March 30, 1981, as Reagan walked towards his waiting limousine, he stopped to wave at some supporters who were cheering him from across the street. Then he looked to the left a 25 year old college drop out named John Hinckley stepped over with a handgun and shot him into his chest beneath his upraised arm.

  Reagan was recovered and fine. When he was president he did many things for the people, he eliminated nuclear weapons and Reagan reduced tax rates and a sluggish economy kept the governments income from rising, while its expenses kept growing. Reagan called the Soviet Union “the evil empire” and believed that the only way to negotiate with its leaders was from a position of superior strength. Reagan the man who was earlier was paid to speak on behalf of General Electric and who gained fame as the “The Communicator” also became paid speaker.

 Reagan was able to communicate with average citizens in a way few presidents have ever managed. Americans found his style down to earth and reassuring. Nearly ten years after announcing his illness, Ronald Reagan died at his home in Bel Air, California 2004.


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