Fun Facts

  • Ronald Reagan was born in Tampico, IL.

  • Warner Brothers was the movie Ronald Reagan signed with when he began his movie acting career.

  • Ronald Reagans favorite candy is jelly beans.

  • Ronald Reagans first job after graduating college was a sports broadcaster.

  • Ronald Reagans summer job was being a life guard for many years.

  • Ronald Reagans birthdate is February 6, 1911

  • As a young lifeguard at a riverside beach near Dixon, Illinois, Reagan rescued 77 people from drowning.

  • Reagan was a successful movie and television actor before starting his political career.

  • Reagan was the first president who had been divorced.

  • Sales of jelly beans skyrocketed when Reagan told reporters that he liked them.

  • Reagan’s favorite sport was horseback riding.

  • Shortly after being shot, Reagan jokingly said, “I forgot to duck.”

  • He was the first president to wear contact lenses.

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